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Main ventilation

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Ventilation ensures the renewal and purification of indoor air in the building. To do without it is to breathe air that is toxic, polluted and dangerous to your health!

Typical example of a main ventilation system not combined with a forced air heating installation.

Typical example of a main ventilation system not combined with a forced air heating installation.
(Source : APCHQ)


In older buildings, there is often no air exchanger. “Not serious. The air renews itself, because the house is not waterproof”, most home inspectors will say.

This may be true, but many older buildings have become watertight when homeowners and occupants have renewed windows and doors and added layers of latex paint to the walls.
(Source : La Presse)

Air exchanger or extractor devices are mandatory in all new constructions (houses and condominiums) in municipalities that apply the most recent versions of the Construction Code. Under the new standards, buildings are so airtight that unless you open the windows, the indoor air is not renewed.

Indoor pollutants have many and varied origins.

Sources of domestic air pollution

Among them, we identify:

  • COSV | Semi-volatile organic compounds
  • VOC | Volatile organic compounds (formaldehyde, etc.);
  • Carbon monoxide;
  • Radon;
  • Particles;
  • Nitrogen dioxide;
  • Ozone;
  • Lead;
  • Humidity;
  • Dust mites;
  • Asbestos, etc.

The poor quality of indoor air is therefore linked both to the construction or renovation materials used (paints, plastics, etc.), but also to the heating or cooking equipment with which the home is equipped. It can also come from outdoors and the environment (for example, radon can come from the ground) or result from human activities (cleaning, smoking, etc.).

Effective natural or mechanical ventilation improves indoor air quality, reducing pollutant and humidity levels that can directly or indirectly compromise occupant comfort or cause adverse health effects.

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