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What is Radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas that can infiltrate homes, posing a health hazard to occupants . The importance of good conduct your t and Radon detection is therefore essential for the well – being of your family. Note that c and element is naturally present in the air. C ‘is its presence in large quantities becomes dangerous, which would be the case of a house in ten.
According to Health Canada, it is from 200 Bq / m3 that the concentration of Radon becomes dangerous. Radon’s effect on health can be devastating. Among other things, it causes lung cancer, especially in smokers whose mixture of Radon and tobacco considerably increases the chances of being infected .
The NGO recommends that for Radon concentrations up to 200 Bq / m3 to 600 Bq / m3, corrective action s oi ent within 2 years from the date of diagnosis. If the concentration exceeds 600 Bq / m3, then it is recommended to act quickly and resolve the situation within one year. Very high levels have been recorded, ranging s up to 1000 Bq / m3 have been fixed completely.

Radon test and detection?

The house test

There ‘s first tools available hardware to oneself fast your t Radon detection . These single-use tests are used to detect an abnormal presence of Radon.
Caution : These devices should not be installed in a kitchen , in an enclosed area (such as a closet or cupboard), in damp places such as a bathroom or laundry room, or in direct contact with light or a heating complaint.
The optimal installation of a Radon test is approximately 40 centimeters from a wall ensuring good air circulation around the test. Obviously, we advise you to follow the instructions of the test you will be purchasing! Note that it is usually advisable to conduct the Radon assessment over a period of 3 months, during the winter, since the windows are closed at this time.

The importance of an expert

However, these “in-house” tests do not replace the work of laboratory experts that your home inspector may refer to you at this time . These laboratories will not only detect the presence of Radon in the house, m ais also offer solutions to end to an abnormal situation.
The costs of an operation to reduce the concentration of Radon in the home will depend on several factors: the type and date of construction of your home in the first place. In any case, do not panic: these are not measures that will put home his ns above below. The various actions are mere s as the only seal all cracks in the foundation of the house, make sure that the joints between the walls and floor are closed, or even install anti-gas drain somewhere basement.
Jacques Gobeil , director of consulting services s in accommodation CAA-Quebec says if this would still not enough, there is still tougher measures to be considered:
“We pierce the basement floor, we introduce a pipe that sucks the air under the slab,” he explains. The air is evacuated under the slab to the outside. It is recommended that the exhaust pipe extend beyond the roof to dilute the gas over a larger area. The depressurization system with an electric fan costs around $ 2,000. ”
These actions should provide effective measures to fight against too high a Radon level. In any case, as the gas is odorless and colorless, it will be necessary to pass a Radon test and detection in the house to have peace of mind.

For new construction and radon

Finally, is the Radon detection test optional in the case of a new construction? Absolutely not, since gas infiltration can take place in all buildings, whether new or not! Since 2011, the Quebec government has required builders to apply preventive measures in areas recognized as having high radon levels . However, as these areas are not clearly defined are , it is generally accepted that all new buildings comply with this legislation. You can sleep soundly!