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RenoSpect—Building Inspection

More than 20 years of experience in the building industry!

- Licenced contractor

- Chartered Inspector (Commercial and Residential)

- Expert Witness (Hidden defects and Malpractice)
Our Commitment

RenoSpect—Building Inspection is committed to serving its clients with integrity and skill. Our business is built on trust. Our certified professional inspectors understand the value of your obligations. With our in-depth building inspections and attention to detail, you'll have all the information you can get on one of your most important investments. When you entrust us with the inspection of your building, we give it the utmost attention… Just as if it was our own.

Home inspection is often associated with the purchase of a property. However, building inspection leads us to respond to mandates for presale inspections or health checks. Our approach is more or less the same for each type of inspection. It also applies to commercial buildings and condominiums. Our reports are useful for both buyers and current owners for the maintenance of their building.

Chartered Inspector

Expertise and Hidden Defects

We can also make a report for hidden defects which become apparent following a real estate transaction. Likewise, in the event of a claim, we analyze the situation in order to quickly find a solution. We have skills that allow us to find and explain the origin of the disorders that caused the damage in the building.

Our expertise rightly allows us to order the appropriate corrective work. We can offer you technical repair solutions for the restoration of the building while ensuring compliance with regulations and personal safety.

Remote Advice

Finally, in the form of remote advice, we are here to help you secure your investment. Be prepared with our flat-rate plans… Do you need quick and precise answers in building matters?




Ancestral house

Revenue property

Our Certifications


The Régie du logement du Québec (RBQ) is mandated to issue contractor licenses. As license holders, we have commitments to the RBQ and our clients. We also have obligations relating to the Building Act, the Construction Code as well as the Safety Code. We must also hold a license bond aimed at compensating any client who has suffered damage as a result of non-execution or execution of work, poor workmanship and defects discovered within one year following completion of the work.


We are a member of AIBQ, the largest association of home inspectors in Québec. We have the designation of Chartered inspector. As members of AIBQ, we are governed by recognized Standards of Practice. In addition, to protect you, we must have errors and omissions insurance. We are also bound by a strict Code of Ethics promoting a high level of professionalism, business ethics and building inspection procedures.