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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions. Contact us if you have any questions for our building inspectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

Our rates for pre-purchase, presale and preventive inspections are personalized and their calculation depends on several factors.
Here is the average of our rates according to the type of building.

• Divided condominium: $650
• Single-family house and Undivided co-ownership: $850
• Duplex: $925
• Triplex: $1075
• Quadriplex: $1150
• Multi-housing: $1,250 and more.

Our regular hourly rate is $125/hr.

Why Choose a Certified Master Inspector?

Certified Master Inspector®
A Certified Master Inspector meets a rigorous and ethical standard of practice, is trained in building inspection and keeps his knowledge up to date through continuing education.

Do you have Errors and Omissions insurance?

Yes… And it is mandatory!
Certified Professional Inspector®
This insurance consists of a civil liability policy allowing the inspector to meet the legal obligation to repair a wrong caused to others and an errors and omissions guarantee covering risks related to his field of practice. If you appoint an "inspector" who does not have this type of insurance, you are exposing yourself to significant risks.

How quickly do you provide the report?

48 hours
In a real estate transaction, we generally get the report to you within 48 working hours. You will receive a digital copy of the inspection report.

Can we see a sample inspection report?

Sample report
Just click the button below to view the EXAMPLE 2021 report.

Can we go with the inspector during the inspection?

It is even recommended to do so.
You will be able to ask questions and familiarize yourself with the components of the desirable building.

Indeed, a competent building inspector will take the opportunity to point out certain physical elements that deserve focus and, if crucial, the rectifications to be done.

These observations must be part of his written report.

What is the average duration of an inspection?

The average duration of an inspection depends on several factors.

In general, one can expect to spend at least two hours at the site of an inspection for a 2-story single family home.

Do you have any training in inspection?

A college education of 555 hours in addition to the 20 hours per year in continuing professional development (20 CUE per year).

What experience do you have?

The twenty years spent in renovation and inspection have made it possible to develop in-depth expertise in the investigation and resolution of problems in all classes of buildings.

What do you mean by contingency funds?

The contingency fund is a financial reserve accumulated by the condominium managers and taken from the condominium fees aimed at the preservation of the building.

It is based on an estimate of the useful life of each component of the building.

Not to be confused with the operating budget which is used for current expenses.

Are you using a recognized service agreement?

If so: Which one?
Yes ! We are using the AIBQ mandatory Service Agreement.

Are you performing your inspections in accordance with a recognized Standard of Practice?

If so: Which one?
Yes ! The AIBQ Standard of Practice regulates all our inspections. As this standard is recognized in the inspection industry, many organizations use or are inspired by it.

Are you a member of a professional association?

We are a member of AIBQ (#22102), the tallest association of inspectors in Québec.