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Pyrite & Pyrrhotite

Both are of mineral origin and affect the concrete of a building. Pyrite is present in the backfill used under the concrete slabs of basements and garages. Pyrrhotite blackened in air. It is present in the aggregate used in the composition of the concrete of the foundations.


Pyrite is a mineral found in stone and which produce sulfuric acid by oxidizing on contact with humidity and oxygen.
When this phenomenon occurs below a foundation, it can cause lifting and cracking of the concrete slab.

Pyrite Pyrite - lifting and cracking of foundations


Pyrrhotite, for its part, is a mineral species composed of iron sulphide, of a bronze yellow color that blackens in air.
By crystallizing in lamellae, it can cause cracks in concrete.

Pyrrhotite Pyrrhotite in foundations

Role of the RBQ in the pyrite or pyrrhotite file

The Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) ensures that the guarantee administrators comply with the provisions of the Regulation respecting the Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings.

If you are struggling with a pyrite or pyrrhotite problem and you are covered by the Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings..

We recommend that you check without delay the protections and indemnities to which you may be entitled. Next, learn about the claims procedures provided for in the Regulation on the guarantee plan for new residential buildings.

The RBQ reminds you that meeting deadlines are extremely important in asserting your rights.

If you are no longer (or not) covered by the Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings.

The warranty offered by the plan expires five years after receipt of your home or condominium.

If your house or condominium was built more than five years ago, it is no longer covered by the Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings. If you try to make a claim with the plan administrator, it is likely that the plan administrator will make a decision based on the fact that the warranty has expired.

While this decision can be challenged in arbitration, you can also review possible remedies with legal counsel. These remedies include the possibility of going to civil courts.

Foundation work - raising the house

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